bride Nori and groom Cliffe walking down the stairs with holding the drink in Customs House
Brings two hearts together in a promise of eternal companionship.
Wishing the newlyweds a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless adventures.
Two souls, one love, united forever in the bond of marriage.
groom Cliffe leading bride Nori walking and she look at her right shoulder
Join us as we celebrate the joyous union of two lives intertwining.
mount view with Annoy and Enrique in the foreground in Hang Glider Launch and Lookout Mount Tamborine
Two hearts become one as vows are exchanged, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey.
A day filled with love and laughter, and, moreover, the promise of happily ever after.
Vicky and Bruce kissing in front a wooden house in Gabbinbar Homestead wedding
Celebrating their love and a promising future together.
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groom Cliffe holding bride Nori's hand leading her walking while she look at him in Customs House captured by Brisbane wedding photographer
bride and groom both laughing when sitting on the chair in St John's Cathedral in Brisbane
bride Lucy and groom Tim laughing together
groom Brus whisper on bride Vicky's ear and make her laugh when they walking to the Brisbane wedding photographer Whistler

Capturing Moments Infused with Light & Silence

Whistler Photo.Video lead by Brisbane wedding photographer & videographer - Whistler Li. Wedding photos and films that touch the soul. They capture a tale of tears, joy, excitement, and dreams. In the last few years, he has teamed up with different studios to document over 450 weddings. Along this incredible journey, he's likely been to every wedding venue in Queensland, capturing the weddings of couples along the way. He is incredibly versatile and can adapt to a wide range of wedding styles. At the moment, he's thrilled about capturing weddings that truly resonate with his authentic style. a

Weddings are a joyous celebration, an ode to love shared between two souls

Summergrove Estate white chapel captured by Brisbane wedding photographer

My only rule is

Brisbane wedding photographer capture water blowing bubbles in a bottle in The Bower Estate for Brisbane wedding video
groom Sam make bride Nooria a spining in front of water fall in momma street parkland

To show people

how beautiful

they are

- Since 2020 -

sunset and farm in Bracknell Lodge captured by Brisbane wedding photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

- Whistler Li

The person behind the lens

Like you, I see beauty in everything and everyone

Capture the essence of your love story with Whistler Li, a self-taught wedding photographer and videographer based in Brisbane. With a minimalist approach and a keen eye for detail, Whistler crafts each photograph to reflect the genuine emotions and timeless moments shared between couples.

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bride Nori and groom Cliffe walking down the stairs with holding the drink in Customs House

Personalised Wedding Photography & Videography Packages

Understanding that each couple is unique, Whistler offers personalised photography and videography packages that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Explore the packages to find one that resonates with your expectations or get in touch to tailor a package that suits you.

groom Tim and bride Lucy holding hands walking down the aisle and all the guests standing up con-grates them captured by Brisbane wedding photographer

All relationships are built on trust and common values.

I want us to connect.

Client Testimonials

“Wow. Seriously, Whistler left us lost for words, his skill, nature and delivery was more than we imagined. Whistler shot our wedding recently, and I swear it looks better than it was in the photos. Haha. But seriously, we didn’t have to do anything, he was respectful of the event, it was just amazing. And the photos are just WOW. Don’t go past this guy if you find him - definitely hire him, you will be leaving me a 5 star review for my recommendation!"

Lucy & Tim

Kirra Hill Community & Cultural Centre — Gold Coast

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Your wedding is a journey, and

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Whistler Li would be HONOURED to be a part of it.

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