As a wedding photographer, each wedding I shoot comes with its own unforgettable and unique memories. Therefore capturing Bethany and Joel's love story at Tiffany's Maleny was one of those unforgettable moments. Let me share the journey of photographing their wedding.

As the wedding day began, Bethany, the glowing bride, looked like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. Moreover Joel, the groom, was beaming with happiness alongside his groomsmen. However they exchanged shy smiles and shared nervous glances during the ceremony.

The ceremony space inside Tiffany's Maleny's white chapel with a large glass panel behind them, illuminated the space, creating a bright and open atmosphere. As a result this allowed the guests to have a wider and more expansive view. My camera was locked on Bethany and Joel as they exchanged their vows. In those moments, it was all about capturing the deep emotions and feelings.

One Tree Hill is a photography paradise. This private land boasts a single tree, making it perfect for capturing the couple's laughter and interactions.

At Tiffany's Maleny, every detail spoke of personalised touches that made the wedding unique. From the intricately designed wedding cake to the heartfelt wedding favours, each element celebrated Bethany and Joel's love story. The reception room are filled with the laughter and joy of the couple and their guests, making this wedding unforgettable.

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