Summergrove Estate

As a wedding photographer, each wedding takes me on a profoundly personal journey into the captivating love stories of couples. Very recently, I had the chance documenting a remarkable wedding at the stunning Summergrove Estate.

The wedding ceremony is inside a white chapel, where the couple stands in front of a grand floor-to-ceiling glass panel to exchange their vows. Moreover a lush green jungle behind them, framed by the backdrop of the Gold Coast cityscape. In the far distance, the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Thus in this idyllic setting, the bride and groom, along with their guests, find unparalleled serenity. They shed all distractions and immerse themselves wholly in the essence of this wedding ceremony.

The location photoshoot in Summergrove Estate truly highlights the venue's charm. The white chapel is a must-have backdrop, surrounded by neatly trimmed, waist-high greenery, providing a pristine background. On the chapel's other side, there's a vineyard, perfect for seasonal strolls and photos. Notably, near the entrance, there's a fig tree, and venue staff provides transportation, saving you the long walk.

Summergrove Estate reception room offers a canvas to reflect the couple's style, where they can customise decorations seamlessly, from minimalist to lavish. The dinner area and dance floor are separated by two enormous barn doors, providing privacy for photos and keeping the dinner setup a delightful surprise for guests.

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