The first thing that strikes me about St. Bernards Hotel is its stunning location. Perched atop Tamborine Mountain, the venue offers sweeping panoramic views of the Gold Coast hinterland and the pristine rainforest below. As a photographer, these vistas are a dream come true, providing a breathtaking backdrop for every moment of your special day. Imagine capturing the bride and groom against the backdrop of the lush, rolling mountains, or the joyous expressions of the couple as they exchange vows with the scenic beauty of the hinterland as their witness.

St Bernards Hotel, there are many rooms available for the newlyweds and their friends to stay in. There are three wedding ceremony venues: one is a chapel, another is outdoors on the grassy field, and there's also an indoor option in case of rain. St Bernards Hotel has some charming pathways with greenery for photoshoots, and the photos look stunning when the sun set on the newlyweds. Additionally, the newlyweds can also go to nearby Hang Gliders Cliff look out, for bridal photoshoots.

Capture a wedding at St. Bernard's Hotel is like embarking on a visual adventure. Moreover this stunning venue, surrounded by the scenic countryside, becomes the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

From the moments before the ceremony, filled with anticipation, to the lively celebrations during the reception. My goal is to capture every emotion and detail that makes your day special at St. Bernard's Hotel. Furthermore with its rustic charm and natural beauty, adds a touch of magic to your wedding album.

Whether it's the warm, golden sunlight filtering through the trees, the cozy interior spaces, or the breathtaking views. As the result of every aspect of St. Bernard's Hotel offers fresh opportunities for artistic and heartfelt photography. My mission is to freeze in time the love, happiness, and cherished memories of your wedding day. Thus creating a visual story that you, your family, and future generations will treasure.

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