A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves an equally exceptional venue. For couples seeking a blend of timeless elegance and natural beauty, Rosewood Estate emerges as a dream wedding destination.

Venue provides accommodation also could be a space for the couple's getting ready photo spot. Thus a typical Queenslander style cottage.

The timeless beauty of Rosewood Estate provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs. Whether it's the sweeping vistas, enchanting gardens, or the elegant architecture, every corner of the estate offers photo opportunities that capture the essence of your special day. Your wedding album will be a testament to the romance and grandeur of this remarkable venue.

At Rosewood Estate, you'll enjoy a vast expanse with breathtaking views. On one side, you'll be greeted by expansive mountain vistas, while on the other, you can admire the cityscape of the Gold Coast.

As the sun starts to set, the warm, golden sunlight gently streams into the dining area, creating a beautiful and unforgettable atmosphere. As the evening progresses and the sun hangs low on the horizon, guests come together in the dining area, enjoying conversations while basking in the enchanting afterglow of the sunset. It's an experience that truly warms the heart and leaves a lasting impression.

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