Preston Peak Winery in Toowoomba, with a rich history of three decades in Australian winemaking and numerous awards to their name, the winery exudes elegance and excellence.

Since branching out into wedding venues in 2004 as Preston Peak Winery. The venue has become a treasure trove for capturing beautiful moments. The 330 acres of stunning landscapes in Granite Country provide breathtaking backdrops that any photographer would cherish.

As a witness to love stories, I had the honour of capturing the emotions that danced in the eyes of the couples. Lizzie and Jye, like so many before them, found themselves embraced by Preston Peak Winery. Their love story unfolded in this magical place, and I knew that the venue had become a part of their journey—a silent witness to their vows of eternal devotion.

As the sun went down, the place turned into a beautiful vintage setting. The reception area, with its rustic charm, had lots of twinkling lights that made it feel like a fairy tale. It was the perfect backdrop for a celebration that everyone would remember forever. People were laughing and giving happy toasts, and you could feel the love in the air. I was right there with them, caught up in all the special moments that showed just how wonderful love can be.

When I capture weddings at Preston Peak Winery, I'm truly amazed by the beautiful places that make for stunning photos. The mix of the natural scenery and the talented chefs, who create amazing food, makes the whole day truly unforgettable.

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