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Contact with me effortlessly through my contact page. It is an honour to be a part of these significant moments in people's lives, immortalising the joy and love that radiate from the couples and their families. As I immerse myself in the celebration, I am reminded of the profound impact my work has on creating timeless mementos.

The art of wedding photography goes beyond capturing images; it involves connecting with couples and understanding their unique love stories. By humanising each interaction, I build rapport and trust, ensuring that the photographs mirror the genuine emotions of the day.

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Do we need a second shooter?

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Having a second shooter can provide additional angles and coverage, especially for larger weddings or if you desire multiple perspectives throughout the day.

While it's helpful to provide a list of must-have shots and important moments, allow me creative freedom to capture spontaneous and candid moments as well.

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Once you have paid a deposit and the date is yours and your price is fixed!

2 weeks for photos. 4 weeks for videos.

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