groom Leo holding bride Cassie's dress tail and they both walking towards to the camera in St John's Cathedral in Brisbane

It's a date

Brisbane Engagement Photography

I'll give you prompts but also leave space for you two to CONNECT, like humans should. Whether it's in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast, capturing engagement photos with a city vibe. Enjoy the ride, trust me on this.

Krystel holding Paul's head and try to kiss his forehead in Currumbin Rock

Brisbane engagement photography

offers a blend of urban charm and natural beauty, capturing love stories amidst iconic cityscapes and picturesque landscapes. Engagement photography in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast captures the essence of love against two distinct yet equally stunning backdrops.


engagement photo with newlywed look at each other

it feels like we're hanging out taking photos.

photos that reflect you two - just as you are.

In Brisbane, couples can immerse themselves in the dynamic urban landscape, framed by the iconic skyline and the meandering Brisbane River. From the modern architecture of South Bank to the historic charm of Kangaroo Point, the city offers a diverse range of locations for memorable engagement shoots. Brisbane's parks and gardens, such as Roma Street Parkland and New Farm Park, provide lush greenery and tranquil settings for romantic moments to unfold.

Whistler Li Photo & Video shoot Vivi & Rex pre Wedding photo in Brisbane, Brisbane Engagement Photography
bride and groom look at each other in engagement photo session in University of Queensland

Cassie & Leo


Krystel & Paul

No location is too far

I’ve traveled the whole world with my couples.

bride and groom sit on the chairs and look at each other, Brisbane engagement photography